Arboreal Inn Beer List

Every Wednesday is $3 Beer Night!
Beer list is subject to change based on availability.

Domestic Beer 
Stella Artois
Michelob Ultra
Bud Light
Miller Light

International Craft Beer
Lord Hobo Boom Sauce
Great Lakes Amber Lager
Lindeman Framboise
Duvel Strong Pale Ale
Stone Fear Movie Lions

Cider & Seltzer
Vander Mill Vandy Cider
Whiteclaw Assorted Flavors

Michigan Craft Beer 
Wolverine Lager
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale
Bell’s Expedition Stout
Atwater Dirty Blonde Wheat Ale
Shorts Huma Lupa Licious IPA
Shorts Local Light
Founders All Day IPA
Founders Breakfast Stout
Luddington Bay S.S. Badger
Luddington Bay James Street Brown
Luddington Bay Tangelo Dream
Greenbush Porter
Schmotz 120 Non-Alcoholic

Additional brews may be available based on the season.