Banquet Policies

Click Here to Download Our Banquet Package

Click Here to Download Our Banquet Package

**PLEASE NOTE: This banquet information and policies are for personal events only. Corporate/Pharmaceutical events will have separate terms, policies & dinner options to which Jillianne will disclose upon booking. Please contact her for more details.**

Please read carefully as these policies are non-negotiable. Banquets packages are for parties of 15 or more. Luncheon requirements may be different. By placing a deposit to hold the event with us, you accept and agree to the terms of our banquet policies.

At the Arboreal Inn, we offer our rooms free of charge. Our Orchard Room is available for parties greater than 33, and our Arbor Room is available for parties of 33 or less. On the day of the event, the room will be reserved exclusively for your party, allowing you to come in for early set up if needed. We do ask that you contact a manager ahead of time so the facility is unlocked for you should you need early set up.

We do require a room deposit to secure the date of your event. For events in our Arbor Room, the deposit is $250. Events located in our Orchard Room require a $500 deposit. This deposit is taken off of the final bill. The deposit is non-refundable if a cancellation occurs within 7 days of the event to offset expenses already incurred.

A setup fee will be added to the final bill on the day of the event. This fee covers the expenses of having our staff set up for the event, the cost of linens, creating a printed specialty menu, etc. The Orchard Room has a $100 setup fee and the Arbor Room has a $50 set up fee.

In order to properly bill for the setup fee and return the deposit to you as a credit, we require that all food portions of events be placed on one receipt. The receipt will typically be presented to the person whom booked the event, unless our staff is notified otherwise. In cases of multiple paying guests, our computer system can allow partial payments for this receipt on credit cards or with cash. The drink portion of the bill will be handled according to the bar option you choose for this event.

We will be in contact with you 7 days before the event takes place to finalize details. At this time, we will ask for a final head count of your guests. Your event cost is based on this final head count as we incur expenses in purchasing food and supplies for the number of confirmed guests for your event. This policy is non-negotiable, so please ensure your head count is accurate.
Within reason, we can usually add guests to an event, so if you have additional last minute guests, please call so that we can make further plans and adjustments.

It is our company policy to automatically add 6% Michigan sales tax and 20% gratuity to the final bill. Tax and gratuity are not reflected in the banquet prices shown in this package.

We offer appetizer trays that feed 25 people at a discounted price for our banquet guests. Several options from which to choose can be found on the appetizer page in this package.

After choosing 3 menu options from any price category on the banquet menu provided, we will create a unique menu from which your guests will choose their dinner. The menu will include the beverage options you chose, appetizer, dinner selections, and dessert option. Your specialty menu will be placed at each place setting before your event begins. Our servers will take each guest’s order the night of the event. All dinner options include our arbor salad, dinner rolls, vegetable medley, and potato.

You may elect to add a dessert choice for your guests for $4 per person. The charge to bring in a dessert for an event such as a wedding or birthday, is a 1 dollar per person banquet dessert fee or $15, whichever is larger. If you have a cake, we will cut the cake and serve it to your guests. Likewise, if you have cupcakes, we will provide plates, silverware, and service. Any food product placed on tables as a party favor such as chocolate, truffles, cookies, mints, etc. is considered a dessert and will necessitate a dessert fee. Due to health code regulations, any dessert brought in must be from a certified bakery; therefore, it cannot be homemade. Any homemade dessert presented, will be removed and you will be politely asked to leave it in your car for the evening. Health department sanitation rules and regulations must be followed. Please note that desserts brought in to the restaurant from a certified bakery may be delivered only on the day of the event. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to store desserts of any kind overnight.

We do allow live entertainment, such as a band, DJ or a single musician with management approval. The entertainment must be kept at a noise level that is not disruptive to our other dinning guests. Music should be tasteful and appropriate for all ages and end promptly at 10 pm. In case of music inappropriate to The Arboreal Inn ambiance, management reserves the right to intervene and/or end the music.

We dedicate specific staff to your event to ensure the highest quality of personal service excellence. Our staff arrives one hour prior to the event to ensure time for preparation and attentiveness to detail. Therefore, we will charge a $100 fee for each hour your event is late to arrive at our facility. In addition, our bar closes promptly at 10 pm. Bar time required past 10 pm will cost an additional $100 per hour to cover our additional expenses.

If you have any questions, concerns, or special needs pertaining to our banquet policies, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our goal is to create a special evening for you and your guests.